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Tips on Shipping

Use FedEx or registered mail when sending your photographs to ensure that they will not be lost or damaged in transit. These services track your packages and are safer then regular mail. Here are some links that might be helpful to you in obtaining pricing information for your shipping needs:

FedEx Site
U. S. Postal Service Site


How to Pack Your Photographs:

Place the photograph (mounted or un-mounted) between two pieces of corrugated cardboard. Mounting alone does not provide enough protection. If sending glass, wrap in bubble packing and place it in a box filled with plastic peanuts.

Where to Send Your Prints or Negatives:

Please send prints and negatives for any of our services to:

PhotoArts Imaging Labs
123 Buchanan Road
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Make sure you call ahead of time to get a quote on pricing, timeline, and to explain fully the nature of the work that we need to do with your prints or negs. We take special care of your property, and will return the sent items via the same mail service as you sent them to us.

We can be reached at 866-278-3686, or locally at 601-582-3686. Please include information about where we can reach you, as well as a brief reminder as to the nature of the work needed within the package.