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Custom B&W Developing of Film & Printing of Negatives

We develop B&W film sizes from 35mm up to 8"x10".

Common film sizes are 35mm (standard small format), 120mm (medium format) and 4"x5" & up (large format).

PhotoArts Imaging Labs archivally processes each roll or sheet by hand or with JOBO equipment, giving special attention to the client's specifications or preferences. Only the freshest professional chemicals paired with the particular film processed is used to yeild the finest grain possible for the film's ISO.

PhotoArts Imaging also develops films that may require special processing, such as Push/Expanded Development (N+1, N+2), Pull/Contracted development (N-1, N-2), or IR film processing.

PhotoArts Imaging Labs proudly uses Clayton Chemistry, a U.S.A. manufactured chemical line developed especially for B&W. (To find out more, see Clayton Chemistry)


Printing from B&W Negatives (Antique or Modern)

PhotoArts Imaging Labs take the client's negatives, no matter how old, and create the perfect print. After consultation to determine the client's needs and examination of the negative, PhotoArts' experienced printers will make one or more prints from each negative.

Clients have confidence knowing their negatives will receive only the best care. PhotoArts Imaging Labs has experience with black and white negatives from the late 1870's to glass plate negatives to modern B&W negatives.

All custom made prints are on fiber-based, archival processed paper unless otherwise requested. Fiber-based prints can be toned for permanence or hand colored to suit client's vision.

See our pricing guide for film processing and for B&W printing prices.

See examples of Kim Du Boise's previous work in the Gallery.




Professional Hand Colored or Toned B&W Prints

B&W images are carefully printed for highest quality and lasting beauty on fine, archival papers. Then, these prints are partially or fully hand colored to create a unique piece of art

Many sizes and styles from which to choose to create the effect or mood desired, and clients have a choice of medium used in the hand coloring. Free consultation and estimates are given prior to any work being completed.

Toning for permanence means a B&W print is put into a toner solution that makes the silver image more resistant to fading and changing over time. This makes the B&W print more archival, meaning that it will last for generations without changes. This is noticable in the look of older photographs, where the silver seems to be changing, and details get lost.

Clients can choose from a range of toner colors to create any effect they desire-from subtle warming or cooling of the image to stronger color tones, or even an antiqued look.

Toning is available only on prints made by PhotoArts Studio.

Due to copyright laws, no other photographs may be accepted for toning, hand coloring, or change in any manner without express written permission of the original photographer.

Use the link on the left to view the pricing guide for hand colored and toned prints.

See examples of Kim Du Boise's previous work in the Gallery.