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** Ilfochrome Prints are no longer available. We are very sorry to see such a beautiful medium go away. **

Color Prints - Ilfochrome Prints are no longer available.
Ilfochrome* (Cibachrome) Print Size
First Print
5 x 7
8 x10
16 x 20

Additional Prints of Images on Same Order Less 25%.

*Ilfochrome prints are very stable color process prints, and the only archival color process print. These prints are made from slides or transparencies. We can print from 35mm, 120mm, & 4x5 chrome film.

All prints are exhibition quality, custom printed with Optical enlargers by our experienced professionals to your specifications. We use all the standard techniquest as needed to produce the best possible image from your slide. We have printed for artists' exhibitions from across the U.S.

Prints are placed in clear, archival print storage envelopes. Finished prints may be window matted to the photographer's specifications.

Matted prints sized larger than 16x20 require oversize shipping. All shipments are insured and shipped with tracking numbers in secure packaging.

Slides or transparencies may be returned with prints or separately at additional cost, depending upon the photographer's preference.


Prints from Color Negatives

All color negatives are printed using the gicleé process on WIR certified fine digital printing papers by Hahnemühle and Harmon.

These papers range from the glossy, lustre or pearl, and matte, to the Fine Art papers such as Photo Rag, Silk, Velvet or Satin 2-sided.

All prints are finished with two coats of Hahnemühle Protection spray which has UV inhibitors and makes the papers moisture resist. This will not change the look or feel of the paper surface.

For information on pricing & availability of Color Gicleé prints, please see Gicleé prints.


All pricing does not include 7% State Sales Tax for Mississippi residents.