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PhotoArts Imaging Labs - Photo CDs

PhotoArts Imaging Labs offers their own Photo CD, which is a Delkin Archival 24K Gold Scratch-Armor CD-ROM disc that will work on any computer and display your favorite images.The Delking Archival Gold CD-ROM discs are rated to last for approximately 300 years, given proper storage. With our high-resolution scanning techniques, you will also be able to print your images on your printer or send your images by e-mail.

The most important difference in the PhotoArts Photo CD is the choice of images that are placed on the disc. YOU choose the images you want to put on the CD, no more OOPS pictures; only the "keepers" can be picked to create your CD.

We can create the CD using negatives, slides or prints. The CDs can contain up to 36 high-resolution, quality images, and can be printed as photographs at a later date by PhotoArts Imaging Labs. We can also provide prints on photographic paper of your images from 4 x 5 to 16 x 20, depending on the original image quality. See pricing here.

This is also a unique way to have "insurance" on your family's precious memories. What would happen if a photograph or negative or slide gets damaged? How would one bring back that captured "moment in time" which every family has? With a Photo CD of the most important scanned images stored in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box, one can replace those precious images of the past and soon to be past.

Contact us and find out how we can help you create your own Photo CD to preserve your most precious memories.

*Negatives should be sent through some type of "tracked" mail, whether it be through a trackable mail service, or through certified mail. We wish to make sure that the best care possible is taken of your precious photographs and negatives.

**No professional photographer's images copied without express written permission for release to PhotoArts Imaging Labs to reproduce.