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Photography Classes

PhotoArts Imaging Professionals Photography Workshops are for those photographers who would like to learn to produce their own enlarged prints from their B&W negatives and for those who have printed before, but lost interest or got "too busy to keep it up".

Kim Du Boise and her assistants will help you "experience the magic" which occurs when your image begins to appear on the enlarging paper. There is nothing like watching the image which you created come to life in front of your eyes!

In our modern, well-equipped darkroom and lab, workshops are offered from the basics of exposing & developing film to making the final prints. Other workshops are centered around toning, hand coloring and advanced lighting.

We at PhotoArts Imaging Professionals look forward to helping you take your photography to a new level of expression with a satisfying experience!

For more information and a schedule of classes, visit our Calendar page or Contact us.