Value The relative lightness or darkness of an area.  Low values are dark; high values are light.

Variable-contrast paper A printing paper in which varying grades of print contrast can be obtained by changing the color of the enlarging light source, as by the use of filters.  Also called selective-contrast paper.  See also graded-contrast paper.

View camera:  A camera in which the taking lens forms an image directly on a ground-glass viewing screen.  A film holder is inserted in front of the viewing screen before exposure.  The front and back of the camera can be set at various angles to change focus and perspective.

Viewfinder:  1.) A small window on a camera through which the subject is seen and framed.  2.) A camera that has a viewfinder, but not a rangefinder (which shows when the subject is focused).

Viewing lens:  The lens on a camera through which the eye views the subject.

Viewing screen:  In a reflex or view camera, the ground-glass surface on which the image is seen and focused.

Vignette:  To underexpose the edges of an image.  Sometimes done intentionally but more often caused accidentally by a lens that forms an image covering the film or paper only partially.