All exhibits are now shown on-line in our virtual gallery. These images are copyrighted by the individual artist & may not be copied or used in any manner without express, written permission.

Most work is priced for sale, or price will be furnished upon request. If you are local to the Hattiesburg, MS area, the work may be viewed in the Imaging Supply store, the Imaging Lab, or a portfolio viewing can be arranged by appointment.

The PhotoArts Imaging Gallery is being expanded to include work by all the PhotoArts Imaging Professionals, as well as future guest artists.




Current Exhibits

Works by Hattiesburg area photographers - Selections of outstanding images

Go to the Current Exhibits page in the gallery to view images from each photographer.




Upcoming Exhibits

Look for more artists to be added as we change the focus of our on-line gallery. The PhotoArts Imaging Professionals will include work by Roy T. Canizaro & Timothy L. Du Boise. We expect this change & expansion during early 2004.



Archived Exhibits

"East and West: Interpretive Landscapes"

"The Diner Series"

"Vehicle Visions"

Selections from different series by Kim Du Boise


Go to the Archived Exhibits page in the gallery to learn more about these exhibits, and view images from each series.